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Cover of Dazed & Confused Korea January 2010 - Onew Interview

"Whenever we're on stage we do a performance fitting the SHINee concept. The team's concept is more important than showing myself off."

Q: How's your health? (This interview was 11/19 which was soon after Onew recovered from H1N1)
A: To our relief, I've fully recovered and feel a lot better now.

Q: I'm sorry for this question, but what are symptoms of H1N1? My tonsils are tingly.
A: All of the symptoms?

Q: I mean, no...just the more prevalent ones.
A: You have a really high fever and a headache. Also a runny nose, sore throat, and muscle aches all over. I coughed a lot and it felt like I had every symptom from having a cold (laugh)

Q: You wear a shirt that says "Raise Your Voice, Louder, Louder, Louder" but I never heard you speak loudly once during the photoshoot.
A: Even if I laugh and talk a lot usually, when we have serious work to do I tend to talk less and not pay attention when people speak to me. (laugh)
I'm the type of person to focus on one thing at a time.

Q: A while ago you were standing still in front of the fitting room.
A: Truthfully...I was sleepy so I slept a little standing up.

Q: What are you concerned with most lately?
A: My health. (laugh) And I hate when people talk to me while I'm reading.

Q: It's nice hearing an idol like reading. Who's your favorite author?
A: I read a lot of Bernard Werber at one point. Right now, no one particular...

Q: Do you think there are a lot of prejudices about idols?
A: Of course.

Q: What do you think about those prejudices?
A: If you're not in the position of being an idol you really wouldn't know what it's like. What's for sure is that it's very different from what people think.

Q: Most people like to gossip and speculate about what they don't know.
A: It's uncommon for me to hear that kind of talk spoken to me directly.
Whenever I read an article about SHINee online I never read the comments. (laugh)

Q: Do you have any thoughts of being a regular variety guest like Minho?
A: Yes. I would love to be on real variety shows like "Infinite Challenge", "1 Night 2 Days", or "Family Outing."

Q: Which is your favorite? You never know, they might call you.
A: I don't know...I can't regularly watch them all...(laugh)

Q: You've done a lot of interviews. What's the most commonly asked question?
A: Usually my ideal type. What kind of girl I like.

Q: Then I can't not ask it. Who's your ideal type?
A: A long time ago I said "someone with charm." Nowadays I added "someone with a good voice" to that ideal type.

Q: Interesting. Why is someone with a good voice charming or attractive?
A: I felt like I was giving overused answers to an overused question. So I decided to go for something more fresh (laugh)

Q: You'll have to meet a girl soon, someone you'll want to pursue like in SHINee songs.
A: We do have things like that in "One For Me", like "She separated from him...yes!" (laugh)
But in reality I can't go up to women. Even if I have something to ask of them I can't really speak first.

Q: Would it be weird to ask you your dream goal?
A: It's not a dream goal but I have a picture of how I want to live my life.
I would want to earn a lot of money so I can sail on a yacht vacationing and feeling life's freedoms...(laugh)

Q: Last question. How would you describe yourself in one word or one sentence?
A: Flubber. Just like in the movie "Flubber," soft and bouncy.
You never know what side of me will pop out. I could suddenly make your life really difficult. Hahaha!

Q: Oh! It'd be nice if you made my life difficult. But don't hit me.
A: Hahaha


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